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Amona Venice

Born and raised in Vienna, half Austrian & half Nigerian, London based, teaching internationally.

Passionate, emotional, life-loving little me, always ready to eat, likes lady muscles.

Professional dancer and singer.

Curious to learn and choose kindness every day.

Love your body


Dance and fitness has always been a part of my life. 

Now, as a personal trainer and fitness instructor my goal is to make excercise accessable for everyone.




85-hour Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher Training

200-hour Teacher Training


Premier Training: 


Lifetime Training:       

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 2 Fitness Instructor

Level 2 Exercise to Music Instructor


YMCA fit:

Indoor Cycling Instructor


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My Yoga Philosophy


My yoga journey began out of a need, I needed balance in my life. I had a very busy lifestyle, working full time in a fast-paced marketing environment and also working as a personal trainer, fitness instructor and dancer on the side. I spent days, sometimes week to go all out and take my body to the limit, so far until I had a physical breakdown. 

Starting yoga classes gave my the me-time, the safe haven, the time I needed to remind myself of being good to my body, to take a step back, breathe and look within.

Yes, we want to live life to the fullest and every day counts, but that doesn't mean we have to over exhaust ourselves.

Going through the yoga teacher training was one of the most fulfilling journeys so far, I cherish every moment of it. It allowed me to slow down, refuel my body with new energy, connect body and mind and approach every day with more light. 

Due to my gained experience and from hearing stories of other people, I'm convinced that yoga can have life changing and healing effects. Yoga teaches us to be in the now, ultimately we start to be more present and with that, feel ourselves more.

As a teacher, I would love to make yoga accessible for everyone. I'm here to provide a safe place, spread love and maybe, through yoga, make an impact in someone's life. Through comfort and trust, we can experience the beauty of yoga in different aspects, even beyond the physical practice. 

For me personally, yoga is about loving your body and embracing the feeling of being alive. Never would I have thought to incorporate such bliss in my life. The choices we make in life directly contribute to our happiness. 

I choose yoga.