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News Update - 21 May 2019

Maternity Leave


While I've been very active during my pregnancy, it's time for a short break.

-> No class from 22 May until 31 July 2019

1:1 Prenatal Yoga


You didn't think I would completely stand still, did you? While I'm off I'm available for private bookings for mummies to be!

-> I know how it feels! 

1:1 and couples Yoga


Yoga in the comfort of your home?

No problem, available for private tuition to focus on hat YOU want to get out of your practice!

Ready for 2019 !!


Wrapping up

It's been quiet around here since end of September, a lot has happened in the background which will be coming your way in the new year, want a sneak peek?

New yoga class concept

My friend Reka and I have been developing and testing a new class concept for the last 3 months, which will bring a new yoga fusion onto the London yoga landscape. Keep your eyes peeled for news!

Pregnancy Yoga w/ Amona 2.0

Surprise! I'm pregnant! And while I am I'll be focussing on offering special 1:1 sessions for interested mummies to be! From bump to bump :)

22 September 2018


My 7-day yoga challenge has come to an end and I'm so happy about how it evolved. I'm thankful for every single yogi around the world who took part. We've spread from the UK to Brazil, New York, California, Austria, Czech Republic and more countries.

Thanks everyone for playing.

Here's my full length contribution for day 7 of the challenge. 

Click to watch here!

16 September 2018


My first yoga challenge: #DoALittleYogaDance

#DoALittleYogaDance starts this Sunday and I can’t wait to start playing!
With beautiful yogis by my side we’re going to celebrate our love for movement combined in yoga and dance! This challenge is for EVERYONE who loves to move!

So, are you ready to join the challenge?!
➡️ 16-22 September

🕉 Hosts:
@amona_v @stretchbreathesmile
@leclairjoshua @beyogabliss

🕉 Our fantastic sponsors will send a prize to the winners:
@breadrenuk @adinkrayoga
@funmiolatoyept @eatvive

For those who like to plan ahead, here are the poses we’ll be exploring:

1. #Natarajasana / #DancerPose
2. #UtthitaHastaPadangustasana /#ExtendedHandToBigToePose
3. #Virabhadrasana3 / #Warrior3
4. #PrasaritaPadottanasana /#WideLeggedForwardBend
5. #WildWarrior
6. #Matsyasana / #FishPose
7. #Yogischoice - Whatever pose you like!
🌟 Follow and tag hosts and sponsors in all your photos and/or videos
🌟 Repost this flyer and Tag 3 friends
🌟 Use the hashtag #DoALittleYogaDance
🌟 Share the love

We can’t wait to see your fabulous photos and videos!

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#yogaeverydamnday #yogaforeveryone

2 August 2018

New video up on my YouTube Channel

Another one before we dive back into fitness, classes and loads of yoga :)

I had this vision that I wanted to film a freestyle dance piece (without prep) and then have it edited into slow motion. When we filmed I danced without music or had hiphop beats in the beack ground. I chose the music for the video not knowing how amazingl it would fit.

Video credit: Imani Clovis (Instagram:@imaniclovis, @ic1.1)

Click to watch here!

1 August 2018

New video up on my YouTube Channel

I was very focused on dance these last two months, very much because my dance team was rehearsing for dance world championships in Los Angeles, and it took up most of my time, I only taught very few yoga classes. But while I'm planing my "come back", I'm still celebrating the amazing time I had in LA.

Here is some class footage of a HipHop Int/Adv class with Charlie Bartley, at Playground studio LA.

Click to watch here! 

News Update - August 2018


Looking for Yogis

New time slots available for private yoga sessions. I'm looking for curious people (min. 18yrs) who would like to enjoy private tuition in the comfort of their home, tailored to YOUR likes and needs. Get in touch this month for special package fees!

Also, I will be hosting my first #YogaChallenge this September, together with fantastic yoga teacher friends and amazing sponsors. Please follow me on instagram to stay tuned and find out everything about the challenge!

25 June 2018

New video up on my YouTube Channel

I've never had an artist showreel before but it's been my passion to showcase all the amazing projects and jobs I've been involved in within the last years.

So here it goes, my first "showreel", showcasing the best of group performances.

I want to thank everyone I've worked with in the last few years and look forward to more amazing opportunities to come!

Click to watch now!

30 May 2018

Asana Vibes by Amona Venice Yoga


Does your company offer yoga as a company benefit? Are you and your colleagues interested in trying but don't know how to get things started? Connect me with your HR department and I can take it from there. Please get in touch via the Contact Form!

Asana Vibes - Corporate Yoga Services by Amona Venice Yoga

Yoga Retreat Ibiza 21-26 May 2018


From 21st - 26th May I joined a yoga retreat in Ibiza, organised by Corrie McCallum

Please contact me to find out more about my experiences or if you have any questions about yoga retreats! 

12 April 2018

Feature on Fly Girl Collective's website ...


This week my interview with Matilda from Fly Girl Collective came out. Read my fitness story on their blog: 

... and Instagram


They've also posted about me and the interview on their Instagram page. 

Check it out on their profile: 

14 Mar 2018

New video up on my YouTube Channel

This time, LLV Fit and myself touch on the importance of stretching. 

Warming up is just as important, if not more important than the actual workout. It warms up the joints you’ll be using, prepares the body for exercise and can help prevent injury!

To help you guys out, @llvfit and I recorded a video where she takes me through a mixture of both dynamic and static stretches! Here’s a little snippet of what we did!

Click to watch now!

06 Feb 2018

New video up on my YouTube Channel

This time, LLV Fit and myself show you a easy looking but very effective workout for all the mummies who would like to get active out there. 

These are safe to do if you’ve had a baby and have some ab separation. (But only once you’ve had your 6 week check after having baby). Add these on to the end of your upper body workouts or HIIT circuits or do in your living room while watching TV!

Click to watch now!

04 Feb 2018


I'm now a qualified Pregnancy Yoga Teacher

Yesterday I completed my teacher training course and I'm so excited to start teach pregnancy yoga.

It is with great joy that I'm sharing my yoga philosophy with you all:


The birth of a human being is one of the biggest wonders in the world.

Pregnancy is the creation of this wonder and is therefore a purely beautiful phase in a woman's life. As pregnancy yoga teachers it's our duty to guide and accompany women through this phase of changes by providing them with a safe space, a space of community, empowerment, shelter and kindness.

There is equality in the fact that every woman is different. It means that we need to treat them with equal respect and care, we will cherish the responsibility and the trust this person carrying a growing baby will give to us.

Yoga is about loving your body and embracing the feeling of being alive. During pregnancy a woman is preparing to bring new life into the world and to give her life to provide for this human being. 

As pregnancy yoga teacher, it's a gift to be able to spend time and guide them through a safe practice, catered to their needs where possible, while helping them to reflect on the journey they are on. 

I have respect for every woman going through pregnancy, I admire them and I feel they are the strongest creatures in the world. In my classes I wish to transport this admiration over to my students, and sharing the love for yoga!

Should you be pregnant and are interested to book private sessions with me, please don't hesitate and get in touch!

14 Jan 2018

New video up on my YouTube Channel!

This time, LLV Fit and myself show you a set of exercises using a kettlebells. Get your inspiration here and stay on track with your new years resolutions!

Click to watch now!

03 Jan 2018

How to burn off your Christmas calories by new year's day

A fun calorie burn video campaign I've done with MVF UK for

It was also shared on Daily Mirror's facebook page and currently hits 176k views!

Great for all who prefer night outs to gyms and maybe had one mince pie too many over the holidays :))


03 Jan 2018

AmonaVeniceFitness YouTube Channel launched!

Funmi, founder of LLV Fit and former school mate and I have partnered up to bring to a set of short workout combinations you can do to kick off the new year. 

Click to watch now!