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Happiness from around the world - Testimonials

Yvonne, Vienna/Austria

I've attended a dancing course with Amona as trainer recently. It was an amazing experience, Amona has a real feeling for people :) She is very motivating and spreads a lot of positive energy - so much fun to learn all the new dance moves and get known different styles!! Time flies in Amona's courses, definitely highly addictive!

Nico, Argentina

Las clases de Yoga Amona son excelentes!
Ella es muy profesional y se preocupa por tu salud. Te muestra diferentes variaciones de hacer los ejercicios ya que tiene en cuenta que no todos tienen la misma experiencia (ni el mismo físico) para que la clase sea positiva para todos por igual.
Es una hora en la que trabajas mucho pero no te das cuenta porque es muy relajante. Cuando sales de la clase estás tan relajado que sientes que te vas flotando!
Y al día siguiente notas como los músculos del cuerpo han trabajado mucho y bien.
She's the best!

Leanne, London/United Kingdom

I've been attending Amona's Cheerobics classes for about two years now and I have just started her Hip Hop Class. Her classes are so much fun yet challenging. It's like a workout for your brain and your body! Even after teaching back to back classes she still has so much energy to give which makes me want to work even harder!
*also her music choices are awesome*

Alexandra, London/United Kingdom

A great trainer and someone who varies things up during training to keep it interesting. I'm currently training for my wedding and Amona is keeping me on my toes!

Suhaila, London/United Kingdom

Cheerobics for me is definitely my favourite! A mixture of cheerleading & Areobics with such a lovely instructor, Amona. I really enjoy her classes as they are really lively & fun and all abilities are welcome! I want to thank Amona for all her amazing hard work! Cheerobics is a great way to keep fit and I always have a great time! Honestly for me, it's the best!

Pamela, Vienna/Austria

Amona ist nicht nur meine „kleine“ Schwester, sondern auch meine große Inspiration.
Das Tanzen hat sie seit jeher geliebt und war auch immer besonders gut darin, wann auch immer ich die Chance dazu habe, mit ihr zu trainieren, nutze ich sie, weil sie die Gabe hat die unterschiedlichsten Styles auf ihre Art zu mischen, die Menschen in ihrer Gruppe durch die Auswahl der Musik und durch ihre intrinsische Leidenschaft ganz unaufdringlich zu motivieren, einfach ein natural coach! Much love!

Shirley, London/United Kingdom

Amona was an incredible instructor for a first timer like me ! She helpfully explained how to breathe and place our bodies, and she created a very calming atmosphere all throughout the session. A real treat!

Dorine, London/United Kingdom

Serene, tranquil and professional. One of my first Yoga classes and she provided beginner and advanced variations which made the class inclusive and she gave attention to each individual in the class. Highly recommend!

Fatema, Abu Dhabi

I've been training with Amona for almost two months! Seeing great results so far and looking forward to more. Amona makes sessions very enjoyable to keep you motivated! Highly recommended!


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